The Mile Oak Shooting Club.

We started out with a field, A few of us got together and investigated the potential of the site, Now, to be perfectly honest, I had no idea what people wanted or how to acheive it!

All I knew was we needed somewhere to shoot targets!

Now at this time, HFT / FT were just a dream, I never had any idea whether we could pull this off.

What I did know was I love shooting and the guys around me loved it too, It was just a matter of putting a course together.

In my head I had all these ideas about putting bales of hay out, creating obstacles to make the shooting harder etc, etc.

What actually happened was we ended up putting loads of different types of targets out in the field and "Blatting away" to our hearts content (Great fun but not what i was trying to achieve!) We needed to get serious!! 

To cut a long story short with the help of club members, We secured as much Grassland as we needed, a couple of acres of Woodland and a lovely "farm machinery graveyard!"

To date we have a full HFT course (30 Knock Downs) With all the facilities and necessities that we require.

A Few Pics; Most of these pics are just plinking! Some are from competitions!

So don't take too much notice of the stances! We follow UKAHFT  Rules in our competitions!


Our First Member, And one of our committee, Chris has been an inspiration and a central part of the development of the club, I think Chris has found the transgression from "live Game to, Innanimate targets" Challenging, Not that this is reflected in his scores. An all round nice bloke! Wouldn't be the same without him!


Lewis.  (One of our youngest Members)

Lewis has come on in leaps and bounds since he joined!

His Dad (Chris) Has encouraged lewis from the outset and it is starting to show in his scores every week!

Lewis shows (as do all our members) a real zest to get things right, especially safety! Considering Lewis only started shooting when the club got off the ground, He has shown real promise!

Nick P.

Well words are not enough to describe Nick P, He is a real character, impossible to be depressed around! In fact repeating myself but again a real nice guy.

nick doesn't get too much time to shoot because of his shop (see link) but normally makes it every week for a while, and shoots extremely well!

I am sure he won't mind me saying, but Nick is pretty unique, in as much as he has a very quick wit and slightly.......Well "unique"...You have to meet him to understand, Lets say that Nick doesn't follow trends, He sets them!!

Nick also owns Portslade and hoves only gun shop which is growing in popularity all the time, If you are a member of "The Oaks"  You get discount so that helps!  He also sells pet supplies!   Nicks Shop.

Young Nick (My son).

Nick has pretty much shot consistently from the beginning!  Whether he is using a springer or PCP, He always seems to return decent scores!  Really Annoying LOL, Seriously though he has potential to go quite far i would say!  It is lovely to see him going from week to week improving all the time!

Rosie (My Daughter).

Rosie has just joined us and she is going to be a star, But i am biased!

Problem is following Rosie is like following a sunday driver LOL But she is improving and i would love her to stay passionate about what is the best sport in the World!


Now Paul has not been doing too much shooting with us for a while, Mainly because it is "Gos" Season, One of pauls main passions is birds of prey!

When he is shooting he is very particular and i feel is going to become extremely good at HFT (We shall see) He was always a good hunter!

Paul also makes stocks to order (Rapidpaulus) Several of us have his stocks on different guns Lovely workmanship!  Nice guy to deal with and indeed shoot with!

Dave White.

Dave hasn't been with us long, but he is an accomplished HFT shot with many years experience and a nice guy as well. It's great to have gents of Dave's calibre here at The Oaks.     

Welcome Dave !

Chris S. (SaffaChris)

Chris has been with us a little while now and has proved himself to be an excellent springer shooter as well as a thoroughly decent chap ! Chris is certainly one to watch for the future as he gains experience with a fine choice the TX200HC.

Dave Y.

Daves a keen fieldsman be it with Hawk or ferret. Another Rapid shooter, he puts in good scores on the HFT course and is a gentleman to boot.

Me (Mike).

Well honest opinion, i am passionate about anything i do, I enjoy a challenge, Though just like anyone i sometimes succumb to the pressures of running the club and just simply running my life!

I live for my kids, I live through my kids, and generally enjoy life.

I have enjoyed getting this club together mainly because of the aforementioned friends, who have carried me through the hard times!

I thank you all!!

Also a big thanks to Mr David Cross for letting us use his land and facilities a really genuine nice guy!!

My Son Nick in the background!

The above pictures are just some of our regular members!   Our every Weekers if you like.

Other members drift in and out some more regular than others!



  At the moment we have a small friendly group of Members, Who enjoy their shooting immensely and are becoming hardened HFT Shooters.

We welcome anyone Who is interested in  HFT   to come and join us for a Plink and have a chat.

We welcome juniors but only accompanied by a Guardian.

A few youngsters have come on in leaps and bounds with us and as a parent you get to see another side to your kids!...They can be quite grown up when given responsibility..albeit under supervision!!

If you like the club and you are interested in joining, Then Contact Mike on 07980215586 and arrange a meeting. 

LINK TO OUR FORUM, this will give you access to induction dates, Club rules and downloads, shoot results, calendars etc

You will need to attend an induction, with myself normally, then a further 4 visits under supervision by a committee member!

The Committee members photos and names can be found on the wall in 'the plink'.


  As Soon as you arrive at the Club, Sign in the book (normally kept in the drawer) for insurance purposes, before you even remove your gun from it's case.   Red Flag up!

Please make sure, if you enter the plinking range 'Lane' IE; over the firing line, you only do so under a cease fire with the 'Cease Fire' Board in the proper place!

You cross the firing line at your own risk      It is a very dangerous place, even when you know it!

NO! juniors to cross line at any time!


This is a legal requirement!!

If you are on club grounds without complying with the above you may be expelled!

All of the above rules, are for the safe and smooth operation of "The Oaks"!!

Everybody is a range officer, once accepted into the club, if you have any questions about procedures / safety, please ask!!

All of the above are subject to change at our discretion!

  See CONTACT page for details.

Thankyou, Michael Byford.

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